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Covering full development process with management and marketing roles

WhiteBox Outstuff

Fixed commission per engineer.
No more shadow


Providing engineers to make your team stronger


Develops MVP in 3-4 months for businesses and strurtups.

App Support

Support Web or Mobile with fixed price plan per month.

DevOps Support

Support cloud formation with fixed price plan per month.

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Our expertise covers probably all needs

Web App Engineering

Perfectly knows web technologies such as JS, C#, PHP, Python in case of data analysis. The web solution is a main part of any business. We build well documented and durabilitive API.


Discovery phase in 2 weeks & MVP for business in 3-4 months

Mobile App Engineering

iOS or Android? Lonusoft helps with development and deploying to Stores. Also apps promotion service has big pie piece in mobile app lifecycle.

Data Researchers

Our Datas team has experience in researchers sphere and could helps you grow faster with bigger rates and profit.

Cloud technologies

Certificated AWS and Azure team


Client care, maintenance, support Legacy reengineering service

We know how launch products