If your project is only on paper or it’s startup and You need minimal value product in shortest terms LonuSoft can build app with main features and business specific logic of needed core.

The App would have high quality backend and stable background based on AWS.

It’s no matter mobile or web app, Lonu team has own boilerplates with all basic features such as authorization, authentication, automatic API endpoints docs, CRUD for eCommerce, payment integrations, etc.

Commonly we close the MVP deal in 4-5 moths, but for getting non abstract terms we have to go through all requirements together and let Lonu team make a project delivery plan with all concrete terms.

Also Lonu reserved 20% of provided terms as a time backup.

Required management roles in MVP project:
    – Project Manager (free for client)
    – QA (manual + automative)
    – DevOps
    – Developers