To be sure that outsource team is what you need just answer "YES" on the following questions:

  1. Do I need external team for supporting or creating my app?
  2. Do I need team in short term?
  3. Do I need high quality engineers team for profitable rates?
  4. Do I need less documents and dev management work?

LonuSoft covers all needed work with your external developing team, we left for you only writing requirements and watching on results. All financial  and management aspects are covered by us. 

Every product in Lonusoft has Project Manager, we are covering costs on this position cause we want to deliver high quality products.

Project preparing workflow(2 weeks - 2 months)

  1. Discussing requirements and estimates
  2. Analysing and preparing the team structure(positions)
  3. Analysing and preparing costs plan
  4. Closing all details and deal – sign agreement on Docusign or any other system or any other way you prefer

Project preparing after deal(1 - 2 months)

  1. Head Hunting and team creating
  2. Setting up project infrastructure – Slack, Jira, VPS, GIT, etc
  3. Engineers onboarding meet
  4. Start the work