Outstuff business model is pretty easy.

You need developer – LonuSoft covers your needs.
Pay for working hours only. We care on all banking days, vacation, office and any kind of technic that will be needed for developer.

Ukraine is one of the most popular countries in Europe where delivering Information Technology products has probably the highest level of.
The main reason of that is the high quality engineers.

If you ask yourself why

  • Ukraine is the fourth-largest supplier of tech talent to the world (after the US, Russia, and India)
  • Cost rates of engineers in Ukraine are 2 times less than in Europe, for example in Germany middle developer gets 60-100$ per hour and Ukrainian developer rate is 25-50$ per hour
  • Taxes are 2 times less than in Europe as well
  • Every year universities graduates more then 20k computer science engineers
  • Ukraine has more 50 universities with programming flows